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How to be a successful freelancer

the more important thing is to look into the keywords, for example, you are promoting your website, for affiliate travel services, so the best plugin in WordPress SEO is Yoast SEO, and the keywords should be, cheap flights to africa continent, cheap flights to Nairobi, Cheap flights to Ghana, Cheap flights to Accra, Cheap flihts to Entebbe, Cheap flights Zambia, Cheap flights to Lusaka, Cheap flights to Lilongwe, same you can use the other best keywords for hotels on google is cheap hotels in africa, cheap hotels in Nairobi, cheap hotels in uganda, cheap hotels in entebbe, cheap hotels in accra, cheap hotels in ghana, cheap hotels in lilongwe, all these keywords are the top google african destinations keywords for a website promotion on google please..

If you are trying to promote your website for middle east destinations, then the best idea is to use the google middle east travel destinations keywords, cheap flights to dubai, cheap flights to abu dhabi, cheap flights to muscat, cheap flights to oman, cheap flights to jeddah, cheap flights to riyadh, cheap flights to Kuwait, cheap flights to Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia cheap flights, same you can use for hotels, cheap hotels in dubai, cheap hotels in abu dhabi, cheap hotels in Saudi Arabia.

Apart from all above, its important to have your own services website, as well as you should create an account on,,,, and there are many others, but these are the best freelancing websites, after creating your profile on freelancing websites, you can add your services & clients can contact you and buy your services, delivering good work, will cause a positive rating and this will help you, having clients trust, and this is how you become successful freelancer, .

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